Colour & pattern options

Our classic Ribbed products can be produced in more than 60 combinations of material, colour, and pattern. That's the Ribbed Trays, Ribbed Trolleys, Lap Tray, Folding Trolley and Tray Table, all available with Gold or Silver anodised surrounds / frames.

The popular S18 size Ribbed Tray is also available with Rose Gold surrounds, and the Lap Tray is also available with Black anodised surrounds and legs.

All Ribbed products can have tray bases / surfaces chosen from the following current options.

The Gallery Lap Tray and Gallery Trolleys can be produced with any of the laminate surfaces.



Diamond pattern embossed aluminium sheet, anodised in these colours:

Diamond Gold

Diamond Silver

Diamond Black

Diamond Pink

Diamond Red

Diamond Magenta

Diamond Royal Blue

Diamond Turquoise

Diamond Forest Green

Diamond Sky Blue



Diamond Burgundy 


Compact high pressure laminate with a high gloss finish incorporating these printed patterns on both faces:

Brown Marble

Green Marble

 White Marble




Light Grey Marble


Dark Grey Marble


Black Marble




Aluminium sheet with an oven finished powder-coat in these colours:


Rose Pink

Traffic Red

Signal Orange

Burnt Orange


Light Turquoise

Mellow Green

Summer Green

Mint Green

Lemon Yellow

Berry Red


Rubber Grip

Ribbed Trays size S18 and larger, and all other Ribbed products, are available with silicone Rubber Grips. These are combined with an aluminium base with a brushed and anodised finish in Silver, Gold or Black. Here's the Silver: