The Ledbury’s Sous Chef Greg Austin, with a bespoke size Kaymet Original Tray.


As well as our extensive standard range we often make bespoke trolleys and trays.

The sturdy Kaymet Original Tray, for example, with a simple diamond pattern embossed surface, or with non-slip rubber grips, is perfect for kitchen to restaurant use. Small batches can be produced in giant sizes, as long as 70cm and as wide as 55cm.


The standard 2014 Original Tray together with a bespoke giant sized version.


Ribbed Trays and Trolleys can be produced in over 60 standard material, pattern and colour combinations, but if they do not suit your requirements then we can produce batches with other anodised and powder-coated colours. We can also organise bespoke dye-sublimation or UV printed images on coated aluminium, enamel screen printed images on anodised aluminium, and made-to-measure sizes, all to special order.

Special order square Ribbed Trays in bespoke shades, and a Redouté rose printed tray on the base of a Ribbed Tray.


Pressed trays are generally available in 6 standard anodised colours, but should you want something else then we can make quantities in other anodised colours. We can also laser etch graphics (see below the image of a tray we have made hundreds of for IT restaurants), and we can enamel screen print onto the anodised surface.

Trolley variants can be produced to order, with non-standard dimensions, tier combinations, surface materials, and finishes. 

Contact us if you want to discuss what’s possible. Go direct to email here. We are keen to help.

A bespoke laser etched 515 Pressed Tray. One of hundreds produced for IT restaurants.