Placemats & Coasters

A Rubber Grip Placemat and Coaster (TBR1 and CR1, Gold)


Available in Silver, Gold, Blush Gold and Black. Brushed finish. 

TBR1 Black
TBR1 Silver

Other anodised colours, and bespoke sizes, can be produced by special order.
Available simple brushed or with Rubber Grip (non-slip silicone rubber grip dots on the surface).
The plain brushed type can be produced with cork backing by special order.

Coaster        90 x 90 mm          C9               with Rubber Grip     CR1
Placemat    240 x 190 mm      TB24                       "                    TBR1 
Placemat    305 x 255 mm      TB30                       "                    TBR2
Placemat    390 x 290 mm      TB40  

TBR2 Black


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