Kaymet London

The Kaymet Pressed Tray

Designer: Kaymet, 1960s with rubber grips option added at the turn of the century, and recent refinements.
Anodised aluminium tray, hand finished. 
Kaymet Pressed Trays have been continuously produced in London since the 1960s
 Available in a range of 7 sizes (smallest 168 x 168mm, largest 520 x 350mm).
 All sizes available in either silver, gold or black. Brushed finish. 
Other anodised colours can be produced by special order.
Available plain or with silicone rubber grips (the Kaymet Pressed Rubber Grip Tray, available in 6 of the sizes). 
Laser etched graphics can be added by special order.
168 x 168 mm 706 with Rubber Grip 706/RG
350 x 175 mm 713 with Rubber Grip 713/RG
320 x 250 mm 511 with Rubber Grip 511/RG
370 x 275 mm 513 with Rubber Grip 513/RG
420 x 300 mm 515 with Rubber Grip 515/RG
470 x 325 mm 517 with Rubber Grip 517/RG
520 x 350 mm 519 with Rubber Grip 519/RG